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News and Updates -- AIC-IIITKottayam

iDEX RoadShow and Startup Proposal Submission Program -- Ministry of Defence
Organized by AIC-IIITKottayam ... SERVE INDIA via. Innovations!!!
Venue: IIIT-Kottayam, Date: 5 Dec.2019, TIME: 3 PM to 5 PM.

DST-NIMAT Entrepreneurial program (6 weeks program) got inaugurated by Dr. John A. Kershaw from Univ. of Brunswick, Canada (an Entrepreneurial University)
Venue: AIC-IIIT-Kottayam, Date: 2.12.19 to 10.1.2020.

Training Program on AWS Cloud Services on 3-Dec-2019 for register click here

Training on how to write a Research Paper on 4-Dec-2019 for register click here

Training Program on IOT on 9-Dec-2019 for register click here

Expert Guidence for Company Formation on 18-Dec-2019 for register click here

Training Program on 3D Printing and Designing on 27-Dec-2019 for register click here

Expert Guidence on Patenting on 02-Jan-2020 for register click here

Training program on Revenue model and Sales tips on 06-Jan-2020 for register click here

Upcoming Program DST-NIMAT 2019-2020 to register Click Here

Upcoming Event Startup Weakend Kottayam on 31-Jan to 2-Feb 2020 Buy Ticket

Upcoming program Thesis To Product at AIC-IIITKottayam For Registeration

Upcoming Program The International Conference on Innovative Trends In Information Technology ICITIIT'20 will be technically co-sponsored by IEEE Kerala section, IEEE-USA (APPROVED), AIC-IIITKottayam, and NIT-Calicut.

TechShow and Presentation of AIC-IIITKottayam at the Annual Networking meeting of CIM-GIZ Meeting (Le-Merridian-Delhi)

Meeting with Dr. Robert Gfrerer, CEO-Build of Klagenfurt, Austria was held on 5.6.19 MoU will be signed for establishing international entrepreneurs via. AIC-IIITKottayam

AIC incubation centre of IIITKottayam was sanctioned -- Rs. 3.56 crores from Govt.of India. Thanks to the AIM team (Dr.Ramanan -- Mission Director; Dr.Ashish Nayan -- SPOC; Dr.Ishita Agarwal -- Project Manager; and the other members).

Industry-Research Oriented Summercourse on IoT Cloud Product Development Program - a joint event with 3DDivella, Dolcerra, and IIT Professors.

IoT Cloud applications for societal benefits are targetted at AIC-IIITKottayam.